Month: March 2016

Background: why The Big Homerton Education Debate?

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EduTwitter is an active and vibrant forum for teachers and educators. Recently, while growth in numbers on Twitter has stalled, EduTwitter continues to grow and to look healthy.

There have been wide-ranging debates on Twitter. But overall the division is largely over progressive and traditional teaching. Debates have been heated and furious at times (perhaps a result of the 140 character limitation of the format and through being a ‘partial’ form of communication).

What has been absent in social media debates are the voices of academics. For this reason Cambridge academic, Steve(n) Watson (@stevewatson10), and teacher and blogger, Jane Manzone (@HeyMissSmith), put together The Big Homerton Education Debate (follow the link for information about the event and booking details).

The Big Homerton Education Debate will be a rich day of discussion and debate and a chance for teachers on different sides of the debate to engage with ideas from scholarship and research. The aim will be to go beyond division to generate new thinking and new lines of communication.